Grandparents' Rights Organizations

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The rights of grandparents to adopt, care for, or see their grandchildren can become an issue in our families. These grandparents' rights groups offer information, support, and legal resources.

Generations United
An important Web resource for grandparents and other relative caregivers.

Grandparents Rights Organization
This national non-profit group offers support and information for grandparents and grandchildren whose connection is threatened. Although the focus is on loss of contact after death or divorce, it's a great resource for all grandparents.

AARP - Grandparent Information Center
The AARP Grandparent section includes information for grandparents concerned about their relationships with their grandchildren, whether that be visitation, strengthening the ties, or parenting grandchildren.

Grandparents for Children's Rights, Inc.
A national non-profit advocacy coalition lobbying for legislative changes at local, state, and national levels.
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Guest - 7 months ago
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Dont ever say you have no rights a grandparent because you do ...cps lies ..they forge paperwork ans say what ever they please to keep the entire family seprated so they can lie ...what cps does is considered legal kiddnapping..federal law states children who have family members will and able to care for the children come first foster care is not family court which is only a consencest court under the state does not over ride FEDERAL LAW...SO TAKE IT TO A HIGHER COURT DONT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY IN FAMILY COURT... #1
Angela Hutchinson - 1 month ago
Trying to get rights to my grandson since his mom died #2
vicki - 6 months ago
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My grandsons lived with me and their father for4years. Moved out to be with new girlfriend. Now bio mom stepped onto picture and wants to take over. Uses drugs wild lifestyle. Hasn't dealt with them in years. Won't let us see them What can I do to get them back? They want to be with me and say they don't want their mother. #3
vicky - 1 year ago
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Been raising my Grandaughter for better part of 5 years due to a drug addicted daughter. Baby, who is 5 now was removed this last time 3/14/14 . I took her to doctors, dentists had her in school and was being pretty much her mother. Santa, easter bunny Birthday, all the while my daughter never contacted child. CPS told me there is no hope since they did try everything with daughter to help her. She just wasn't going do it. Long story short. I was talked into applying for custody. In the meantime where my daughter was staying and getting her drugs, babays father, he got bustee and given 6 years. This is what I am so upset over, my daughter did her usual and went into detox then a bother rehab. Little girl kept telling me Mee Maw I don't want to live with Mommy I want to stay here. I promised her that. Well when you go for custody, I didn't realize CPS closes case on daughter. My daughter got GD from aunt and now haven't seen in2 and a half mo. Its wrong CPS let me down #4
concerned - 1 month ago
@Kerie Oehlert #5 your husband was just arrested Guy Casey was just arrested for drugs and assault. You live in a house with drug users and you are fighting for a child to live with you there. Please get some help #5
dad517 - 6 months ago
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my son gave a POA when he went to jail for drugs and now she, who is not the childs mother and has only been in her life for 3 years is saying we can not see her. She lived with us when the mother and father had DV charges, we had her for about a year and we were her care giver until she went to school. I work at he school as a volunteer and now she has gotten them to say I can't volunteer anymore! It is so wrong when a non relative has more rights! Good ole Florida #6
susan - 2 years ago
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My grandson is 14 he has been living with my cousin and his partner since he was 9 at first everything seemed to be going well than once he was going on 14 they started to give me a hard time visiting with him I filed a visitation petition went to court and being that my grandson is 14 the law guardian said that he doesn't want to visit with me at this time. I believe in my heart that my cousin is saying things to him to make him state this as before he went to live with them he was with me for years went back to his mother who did not do right 4 him in anyway I felt this best thing for him at the time was for him to reside with my cousin and now I regret having done so. My heart aces so bad I sit here crying not knowing what to do anymore and my daughter his mother is useless she didnt even show up at court the father was there but my daughter called my cousin lawyer and told her she does not want my grandson to even see his father. What is the best way to go about handling this? #7
kerie oehlert - 4 months ago
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I need to know the steps to get grandaughter back home. My grandaughter was taken in october in arkansas I live in california. They dental ed me and i need to file an appeal . I dont want to loose me baby please help #8
Dotothy - 2 years ago
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Patricia, I feel your pain, havent been allowed to see my grandchildren for over a year. I have exhausted all my resourses and I can't get help either. My grandchildren are being put through so much and as a grandparent we want to help them but we have no rights. That is what they tell me anyway. #9
laura - 2 years ago
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What is the problem patricia? #10
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